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Details of goods as per the attached (Annex 1). Shipment to be made within 2-4 weeks upon receipt of PO, by air via a forwarder appointed by Buyer or Courier Express.

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SALE - PURCHASE CONTRACTNo. 001-15/ONE-AVNETDate: 14 December 2015THE BUYER:ONE CORP(Cong ty Co phan Truyen thong So 1)135 Hoang Ngan Str., Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam.TEL: 84 4 39765086 FAX: 84 4 39765123THE SELLER: Avnet Asia Pte Ltd151 Lorong Chuan, #06-03, New Tech Park, Singapore 556741 TEL: 65 6580 6000 FAX: 65 6580 6121It is agreed that the Buyer commits to buy and the Seller commits to sell the following describedcommodities upon the following terms and conditions hereinafter set forth:ARTICLE 1: COMMODITIES - QUANTITY - PRICEDetails of goods as per the attached (Annex 1).ARTICLE 2: PACKING AND MARKING2.1 Packing: The goods to be packed as per export packing standard. The packing must be suitablefor Air Transportation and long-time storage.2.2 Marking: To be made on the top and on body of each package as follows:- Contract No: 001-15/ONE-Avnet- Shipper: Avnet Asia Pte Ltd- Consignee: ONE CORP - 135 HOANG NGAN STR., CAU GIAY DIST., HANOI, VIETNAM- Dimension: L x H x W (in M)- Gross/ Net weight (in Kg)ARTICLE 3: SHIPMENT3.1 Terms of delivery: FCA Singapore.3.2 Shipment to be made within 2-4 weeks upon receipt of PO.3.3 Shipping method: by air via a forwarder appointed by Buyer or Courier Express.3.4 - Port of Loading: Any airport in Singapore. - Port of Discharge: Noi Bai airport, Vietnam.- Partial Shipment: Allowed. - Transshipment: Not Allowed.3.5 The Seller must send along with the goods to the Buyer documents as follows:* Signed commercial invoice : 03 origins* Packing list : 03 origins3.6 Freight terms: Freight collect. ARTICLE 4: PAYMENT Payment for 100% contract value will made by T/T to the Seller’s account in advance:BENEFICIARY: Avnet Asia Pte LtdBENEFICIARY'S BANK : Bank of America, Singapore BranchAddress: 9 Raffles Place #17-00, Republic Plaza Tower 1, Singapore 048619Account No. : 6212-54762-038Swift code : BOFA SG2XARTICLE 5: ARBITRATION.5.1 Any dispute arising during the course of execution of this contract shall be settled primarilythrough conciliation and negotiation between two parties. If both parties fail to reach such amicablesettlement, the dispute shall be referred to the Hanoi International Council of Arbitrators forsettlement. The award of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding both parties. 5.2 The fees for arbitration and other relevant charges shall be borne by the losing party unlessotherwise awarded by the Council.ARTICLE 6: GENERAL CONDITIONS6.1 Both parties engage to execute strictly all the terms and conditions in this contract6.2 All amendments and alterations to this contract shall be valid only if they are made in writing andduly confirmed by both parties.6.3 This contract is made in English, in two originals, one for the Seller, one for the Buyer, and issigned via Fax by both parties.6.4 This contract comes into force from the signing date.For and on behalfof the Buyer For and on behalfof the Seller ANNEX 1: PRODUCTS FOR CONTRACT# 001-15/ONE-AvnetS/N Model name Description QTYUnitPrice (USD)Subtotal (USD)1 AES-ZSDR-ADI-GZynq-7000 All programable SoC / Analog devices software Defined Radio KIT2 1,475.00 2,950.002AES-ZSDR2-ADI-GZynq-7000 AP SoC/ AD9361 Software-Defined Radio Systems development KIT2 1,320.00 2,640.003EK-V7-VC707-GXilinx Virtex-7 FPGA VC707 Evaluation Kit6 3,495.00 20,970.00 TOTAL PRICE IN FCA Singapore (Incoterms 2010) 26,560.00In words: Twenty six thousand five hundred and sixty dollars./.