Form yêu cầu phát hành Thư tín dụng của Vietcombank (Application for Letter of Credit) Lưu

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XEM / TẢI XUỐNG Thuê bao
Expiry Date & Place (yy/mm/dd): (3) Latest Shipment date (yy/mm/dd): (4) Beneficiary’s Bank (Full name & address) BIC code (preferably): (5) Applicant (Full name & address) CIF No.

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Phụ lục số 16YÊU CẦU PHÁT HÀNH THƯ TÍN DỤNGKính gửi: Ngân hàng Ngoại thương Việt NamChi Nhánh Ngày nhận : _ _ /_ _ / _ _ _ Người nhận:Tên công ty: Số CIF: Ký quĩ Sử dụng hạn mức giao dịch TTTM tại VCB cấp cho mã CIFVới trách nhiệm thuộc về phần mình, chúng tôi đề nghị ngân hàng phát hành thư tín dụng với nội dung sau:(1) Irrevocable Transferable Confirmed Other________ Letter of Credit issued by Mail Telex/SWIFT(2) Expiry Date & Place (yy/mm/dd): (3) Latest Shipment date (yy/mm/dd): (4) Beneficiary’s Bank (Full name & address) BIC code (preferably): (5) Applicant (Full name & address) CIF No. (6) Beneficiary (Full name & address) Account No. (7) Currency (ISO) Amount % More or Less Allowed in words: (8) Drafts to be drawn at Sight days after Bill of Lading Date Drafts not required(9) Partial Shipment (if blank, Partial Shipment will be prohibited)Transhipment (if blank, transhipment will be prohibited) Allowed Not allowed Allowed Not allowed(10) ShipmentPlace of taking in charge Port of loading Place of discharge Port of final destination (11) Shipping Terms (INCOTERMS 2010)FOB CPT FCA CIF CFR EXW CIP Other Named port / place of Destination(12) Description of goods and/ or Services (13) Document required This documentary. credit is available against presentation of the following documents: Signed commercial invoice in original, copies original clean shipped on board marine Bills of Lading, made out to , notifying , marked Air waybill, original 3 (for shipper) consigned to , notifying , marked Inspection certificate issued by in original, copies Certificate of quality and quantity issued by in original, copies Full set negotiable policy/certificate of insurance , covering risks, for of Invoice value, claim payable in Certificate of origin, certified by authority in original, copies Packing list, issued by in original, copies Beneficiary’s Certificate certifying that have been sent by Express courier to the applicant within days after date enclosing it’s receipt. Other documents: (please specify): (14) Additional conditions Documents must be issued in English The amount utilized must be endorsed on the reverse of the original L/C(15) ChargesIssuing bank’s charges for the account of Applicant BeneficiaryOther banks’ charges for the account of Applicant Beneficiary(16) Period for presentation 21 days after shipment date Other: (17) Instruction to Paying/ Accepting/ Negotiating Bank:Upon receipt of the Tested Telex/ Swift which are complied with the terms and conditions of this Credit, we make payments/ acceptances as instructions ofPaying/ Accepting/ Negotiating Bank the Documents(18) Other Instructions This credit is subject to the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits International Chamber of Commerce, Prevailing Publication. Phụ lục số 16