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XEM / TẢI XUỐNG Thuê bao
1/ COMMODITY: Goundnut Kernel Mix Grade New Crop 2019 2/ SPECIFICATION: Grade 290 seeds/100 gr.max * Moisture: 08.5% max. * Foreign matters: 1.0% max. * Broken kernels: 3.00% max.

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CONTRACTNo:..................Date:...............BETWEEN Hereinafter called THE BUYERANDHereinafter called THE SELLERIt has been agreed that the Seller commits to sell and the Buyer commits to buycommodity under the following terms and conditions:1/ COMMODITY: Goundnut Kernel Mix Grade New Crop 20192/ SPECIFICATION: Grade 290 seeds/100 gr.max* Moisture: 08.5% max.* Foreign matters: 1.0% max.* Broken kernels: 3.00% max.* Other color kernels: 3.00% max.* Detective: 8.00% max.* Atlatoxin: 5/billion max.* Well dry. Not mouldy. Not intested* Origin: South Vietnam3/ PACKING: in new single jute bags of 50 kgs net each4/ QUANTITY: 400.00 MT (5% more or less at Seller option)5/ UNIT PRICE: USD540.00/MT FOB Saigon Port - INCOTERMS 20106/ TOTAL AMOUNT: About USD216,000.00(Say: United States Dollars two hundred sixteen thousand)7/ PAYMENT: By T.T.Reimbursement through EXIMBANK seven days after theExport Documents be received by the Buyer representative in HCM Cty, Vietnam.Ten days after Export Documents are presented. If the Buyer fails to do the paymenton due time he has to bear an overdue interest rate of 0,05% per day.8/ INSPECTION AND FUMIGATION- The inspection of quality/weight/packing to be effected final by Vinacontrol prior toshipment at the Seller's account.- Fumigation: To be effected on board of vessel after completion of loading at theSeller's expenses. The expenses for vessel's crew who will land on shore duringfumigate on such as accommodation and meals etc. shall be at the Buyer's account.1 9/ SHIPMENT: To be effected latest to March 05th 199410/ EXPORT DOCUMENTS: The list and details of all export documents shall beconfirmed by separate telex and to include, but not limited to the followingdocuments:- 3/3 Clean on Board Bill of Lading marked Freight Prepaid- Commercial Invoice- Packing list issued by Shipper- Certificate of origin issued by the VietnamChamber of Commerce- Phytosanitary certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture- Certificate of quality, quantity, weight and packing issued by Vinacontrol HCM City.- Certificate of fumigation issued by the Ministry of Agriculture11/ SHIPMENT TERMS- Seven days prior to the date of arrival at loading port, the owners or the Buyer shallcable to the Seller indicating the date of presentation of the vessel.- Three days prior to the date of presentation of vessel a telegraphic notice on precisedate of her arrival.- Prior to vessel's arrival owners or the Buyer to get in touch with the VOSA HCM soas to fulfill necessary entry for malities of vessel into loading port.Once the Seller was informed about nomination of vessel:- Seller must ensure cargo readiness- Seller must bear dead freight it cargoes rejected by Buyer due to quality not conformto the specification stipulated in the contract.- Seller must bear dead freight it Seller unable to ship the full contracted quantityregardless of whatsoever reason.- Buyer must bear 10pct value contract, if the vessel unable to present loading portbefore March 15th 2019.- Buyer must bear 100pct value contract, if the vessel is presented at loading afterMarch 31st, 2019.12/ INSURANCE: Shall be covered by the Buyer13/ FORCE MAJEURESeller is not liable for any penalty of delay delivery of all or any of this contractcaused by any contingency beyond its control or beyond the control of, or convered byits contract to furnish this commodity. Such contingencies shall include, but notlimited to governmental or other restraints affecting shipment or credit, strikes,lockouts, floods, droughts, short or reduced supply of fuel or raw materials declared orundeclared wars revolutions, fires cyclones or hurricanes, epidemics or any other actsof good or force majeure.2 14/ ARBITRATION: In case of disputes and it contracting parties can not reach anamicable settlement of the claim within 60 days from its occurrence the case will betransfered to the arbitration chamber of Hochiminh City Chamber of Commerce forfinal settlement. A panel of 3 Arbitration will be formed, each party appointing onearbitrator and both shall appointing a third one as president of panel. The decisiontaken by the arbitration panel shall be final and binding.Arbitration fees shall be at the losing party's account.This contract is made into 04 copies. Each party keeps 02 copies. THE BUYER THE SELLERHỢP ĐỒNG NHẬP KHẨU LẠC NHÂNSố:........................Ngày:...................Hợp đồng này xác nhận việc mua và bán mặt hàng gạo đã xát gốc tại Việt Nam.GIỮADưới đây được gọi là Bên mua.VÀDưới đây được gọi là Bên bán.Hai bên đã đồng ý về việc bên bán cam kết bán và bên mua cam kết mua nhữnghàng hóa theo những điều kiện và điều khoản dưới đây:1. TÊN HÀNG: Đậu phộng nhân loại hỗn hợp, vụ mùa mới năm 20192. QUY CÁCH PHẨM CHẤT: Loại 290 hạt/tối đa 100gr- Độ ẩm: tối đa 8,50%- Tạp chất: tối đa 1,00%- Đậu phộng nhân vỡ: tối đa 3,00%- Đậu phôïng nhân khác màu: tối đa 3,00%- Detective: tối đa 8,00%- Aftoxin: tối đa 5 phần tỷ- Phải khô sạch, không bị mốc, không bị sâu mọt- Nguồn gốc xuất xứ: Nam Việt Nam3. BAO BÌ ĐÓNG GÓI: Trong những bao đay đơn, mới, với trọng lượng tịnh là 50kg/bao3