Mẫu hợp đồng nhập khẩu Chày đột (Punch) - C&F Hanoi, ship by FedEx Lưu

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Mẫu hợp đồng nhập khẩu Chày đột (Punch) - C&F Hanoi, ship by FedEx

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ANPHANAM INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, LTD Head office: No. 20, Bo De street, Long Bien District, Ha Noi, Vietnam Tel: 04. 38726918(16) *Fax: 04. 38726919 *Email: anphanam@gmail.com 1 CONTRACT FOR SALES AND PURCHASE GOODS No.: 08/APN-Misumi Date: 21 March 2011 Between: ANPHANAM INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD Add.: No 20, Bo De str., Long Bien Dist., Ha Noi, Vietnam. Tel.: 84-4 8726916/18. Fax: 84-4 8726919 Hereinafter called the Buyer. And: MISUMI SOUTH EAST ASIA PTE LTD Add: 331 North Bridge Road # 05-03 Odeon Towers, Singapore 188720. Tel: +65-6-7337211 Fax: +65-6 7330211 Hereinafter called the Seller. After discussion, the Buyer agrees to buy and the Seller agrees to sell the Goods on the Terms and Conditions below: 1/ GOODS: The Goods of this contract are brand Misumi and new 100% as details as follows: No Product Description Q'ty UnitUnit Price (USD)Ammount (USD)1 Punch SJAS10-LC65-P4.3 20 pc 15.63 312.602 Punch SJAS10-LC65-P6.3 10 pc 15.63 156.303 Freight 32.50501.40Total C&F Ha Noi (Vietnam):In words: US Dollar Three hundred twenty eight and eighty eight cents. 2/DELIVERY: - The Goods will be delivered by FEDEX before 29 March, 2011 upon payment received. - Partial shipment : not allowed - Transshipment : not allowed. 3/ PAYMENT: - By T/T 100% right after signing date of this contract. - Beneficiary : Misumi South East Asia Pte Ltd Beneficiary’s Bank : Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. Address : 3 Temasek Avenue, #06-01Centennial Tower, Singapore 039190 Bank code : 7472 Branch code : 806 Swift Code : SMBCSGSG Account number : 01239024-1 - All Baking charges outside Vietnam will be borne by the Seller. - All baking charges inside Vietnam will be borne by the Buyer. 4/DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: The shipper should send the following documents to Buyer together with the Goods: - Commercial Invoice : 02 originals. 2 5/PACKING AND MARKING: The commodities shall be packed in compliance with export standard packing. Marking: APN Co., ltd P/O No.: 08/APN-MISUMI Destination: HA NOI, VN 6/ARBITRATION: - The two parties agreed to carry out strictly all the Terms and Conditions in this contract. Any changes and amendment to this contract must be made in writing and duly confirmed by both parties. All the other conditions, which are not stated in this contract, will be referred to Incoterms 2000. - All disputes or discrepancies, which can not be settled amicably, will be arbitrated by Vietnamese International Arbitration center. The award of Arbitrators will be final and binding upon both parties, all charges will be for account of the loosing party. The Contract will come into effect from the date of signing by both parties, whichever date signed later, and is exchanged by fax or e-mail. The contract is made out in two (2) copies; one (1) each party is of equal value. FOR THE BUYER FOR THE SELLER