Mẫu hóa đơn nhập khẩu tấm lọc (Filter) từ Taiwan - FOB Kaohsiung Lưu

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Mẫu hóa đơn nhập khẩu tấm lọc (Filter) từ Taiwan - FOB Kaohsiung

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No. GE-100813Date:INVOICE ofFor account and risk of Messrs.Shipped by per sailing on or about From toL/C No. Marks & Nos. Description AmountAIR FILTER FOR PAINTING 7 ROL USD 400.00 USD 2800.00BOOTH,MODEL: PA-305 (1.2MX20M)AIR FILTER FOR HIGH 85 PCS USD 19.50 USD 1657.50TEMPERATURE OVEN,MODEL: AI-100W(500X500X20MM)---------- --- ------------------7 ROL USD 4457.5085 PCS vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vvvSAY TOTAL U.S. DOLLARS FOUR THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY SEVEN AND CENTS FIFTYONLY.GE TECHNOLOGY INC.....................FOB TAIWANAPN CO., LTDCONTRACTNO.:06/APN-GEMADE IN TAIWANContract No.QuantityUnit PriceANPHANAM INTERNATIONAL CO., LTDNO 20, BO DE STR., LONG BIEN DIST., HA NOI, VIETNAM TEL:(84)-4 8726916/18 FAX:(84)-4 8726919 ATTN:MS. NGUYENNHIGE TECHNOLOGY INC.PACIFIC PEARL V-139SKAOHSIUNG, TAIWANHAIPHONGGE TECHNOLOGY INC.NO.299-4, SEC.4, ANJHONG RD., ANNAN DISTRICT, TAINAN CITY 709, TAIWAN (R.O.C.) INVOICEAUG. 13, 2010AS FOLLOWS** Page No. 1 Of 1 **