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Kamigumi, your global partner in international multimodal transport,designs logistics ... This publication provides a corporate profile of Kamigumi

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CORPORATE PROFILE Kamigumi is a leader in global logistics, a field vital to the global economy. We have continued to grow through our unstinting efforts to confront the challenges posed by the evolution of Japan’s industrial structure, and to establish a variety of approaches toward meeting the diverse needs of our clients.The Integrated Logistics Pioneer Kamigumi’s HistoryKamigumi traces its origins to 1867, when the Company’s predecessor, Kobe Hamanaka, was launched to serve as a cargo handling agency licensed by the Foreign Trade Delivery Office (predecessor of Kobe Customs) that was established when the Port of Kobe was opened to foreign trade.As the Port of Kobe developed, the cargo loading sites in the kamigata (“eastern”) area of the port gained increasing importance. This resulted in the change of the Company’s name to Kamigumi Hamanaka, the origin of “Kamigumi”.The Origin of Our Name186718731882189919061911191919251948Ordered to ferry cargo to/from Kobe Unjyo-sho (current Kobe Customs House), Kobe Hamanaka (current Kamigumi Co., Ltd.) started an enterprise.Kobe Hamanaka assumed new name, “Kamigumi”, and newly built up laborer camp in Kobe Foreign Settlement.Rules regulating the labor camp, which is comparable to mission statement today, was laid down.Nakama Rules (Rules among the trade association) was laid down.Incorporated into Kamigumi Goshi Kaisha (limited partnership company).Employment Rules was laid down.Kamigumi was authorized as the freight forwarder by The Ministry of Railways.Head Office was moved to the current location, and new office building was completed.After the end of the World War , Kamigumi again entered into the port transportation business comprehensively.Trade name changed to Kamitsu Goshi Kaisha.Kamigumi obtained the license for railway freight forwarding business.Kamigumi restarted trucking business. Kamigumi newly started warehousing business.Trade name returned again to Kamigumi Goshi Kaisha.Kamigumi obtained the license to issue the W/H warrant.Kamigumi Automobile Division was reorganized into Kamigumi Land Transport Co., Ltd.Kamigumi Goshi Kaisha and Kamigumi Civil Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. merged into Kamigumi Co., Ltd.To separate the coastal shipping business from its core business, Kamigumi established Kamigumi Marine Transport Co., Ltd.Kamigumi was listed on the 2nd section at Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Security Exchange.Kamigumi was listed on the 1st section at Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Security Exchange.Siberian land-bridge transportation service started.Dodwell Kamigumi Air Cargo Co., Ltd. (currently Kamigumi Air Service Co., Ltd.), was established.Representative office was opened in Jakarta, Indonesia. Land transportation business started.Joint venture, Kamigumi Singapore Pte. Ltd., was established in Singapore.Joint venture, Kamigumi Multi Trans Sdn. Bhd. (currently Kamigumi [Malaysia] Sdn. Bhd.), was established in Malaysia.Representative office was opened in Beijing, China.Kamigumi (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., was established.Joint venture, Taiwan Kamigumi Air Freight Co., Ltd. (currently Kamigumi [Taiwan] Co., Ltd.), was established in Taiwan.Joint venture, Thai Logistics Service Co., Ltd., was established in ThailandJoint venture, Eastern Sea Laem Chabang Terminal Co., Ltd., was established in Thailand.New head office building was completed.Tokyo branch office (current Tokyo Head Office) was constructed. Kamitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. (current Kamix Corp.), was established.Joint venture, Vietnam-Japan International Transport Co., Ltd., was established in Vietnam.Joint venture, Shanghai Kamigumi Logistics Service Co., Ltd., was established in China.Joint venture, Tianjin Fengtian Logistics Co., Ltd., was established in China.Kamigumi Kobe Container Terminal (KGKT, PC-18) was opened for independent operation.Kamigumi Tokyo Container Terminal (KGTT, OCB) was opened for independent operation.Tokyo Head Office was opened.Business Department, Sunny Place, was established and begun real estate business in earnest.Subsidiary (Kamix Corp.) acquired all shares in Iwagawa Jozo Co., Ltd. Kamigumi International Forwarding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in China.Asia Regional Office was established in Hong Kong.Kamigumi newly started solar power generation business using warehouse roofs.Joint venture, Kamigumi (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., was established in Vietnam.Kamigumi newly started joint venture trucking business in Myanmar.19501952195419611965196919711972197319791982198319851988199019921995199620032004201020122013sion 112018118Ordered to ferry cargo to/from Kobe Unj sho (currenCustoms House), Kobe Hamanaka (current Kamigumstarted an enterprise.Kobe Hamanaka assumed new name, “Kamigubuilt up laborer camp in Kobe Foreign SettlemRules regulating the labor camp, which is costatement today, was laid doweas867867gKamigumi newlywarehouse roofs.ure, Kammi newlymar.solar power genmi (VietCo., Ltded joint venture truckin business utablishess in 1 2 Message from ManagementAs an integrated logistics provider, we are constantly innovating to offer our clients individually optimized logistics services.Since the birth of the Company in Kobe in conjunction with the opening of that city’s port, Kamigumi has continued to develop along with Japan’s ports.As a company that was at the outset engaged in port cargo unloading and transport, Kamigumi steadily expanded its field of operations to include such activities as warehouse storage, overland transport and heavy cargo transport. In addition, we currently offer large-scale terminal operations, logistics outsourcing for clients and overseas local transport. As an integrated logistics services provider, our goal is to offer optimized logistics that are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients—what we call “Kamigumi-Designed Logistics”—and we are constantly engaged in logistics innovation to achieve even greater optimization.We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their support, and hope to continue to be of service.By keeping up with the times and carefully responding to the demands of an ever-changing business environment, we take on challenges that are one step ahead of present-day needs. As a result, we strive to enhance our corporate value and the stability of our management, ultimately contributing to the realization of an affluent society.As an enterprise that manages logistics services in a comprehensive manner, we strive to upgrade our value as a global enterprise, by reinforcing our equipment and systems both within and outside Japan and cultivating human resources.Ultimately, we aspire to enhance our corporate value and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.PhilosophyManagement Policy(Right) Masami KuboChairman & Representative Director(Left) Yoshihiro FukaiPresident & Representative Director3 4