Form hợp đồng nhập khẩu HẠT NHỰA nguyên sinh dạng hạt (Polycarbonate Resin) 19.000kgs, USD 38.950 CIF Haiphong Port Lưu

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1/ COMMODITY AND PRICE: PC TRIC L3000 UV WHITE kg 2.050 38,950.00( WT 30440 UV)Say : US Dollars Thirty-Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Only.(This price is understood to be CIF Hai Phong Port,Vietnam.)

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No. : MEPCOM-16-01 (R1)Date : 09-May-16This contract is made betweenNHAT LINH CO., LTDAddress : Thanh Khuong Industrial park,Thanh Khuong commune, Dist. Thuan Thanh,Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam.Telephone : +(84 - 241) 379 8677Fax : +(84 - 241) 379 8676Quotation No. : 000000396 (REV:1)Hereinafter called " The Buyer ".AndMepcom Polymer Sdn BhdAdd : No.2, Jalan Tiram 2, Taman Perindustrian Tiram, 81800 Ulu Tiram,Johor, Malaysia.Tel : 607-863 5539/5569Fax : 607-863 6539Hereinafter called " The Seller " .It has been agreed that Buyer agrees to buy and the Seller agrees to sell on the followingitems and conditions:1/ COMMODITY AND PRICE: PC TRIC L3000 UV WHITE kg 2.050 38,950.00( WT 30440 UV)Say : US Dollars Thirty-Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Only.(This price is understood to be CIF Hai Phong Port,Vietnam.)2/ Packing : Packed in Mepcom Packaging Bag. About 25kg per bag by standard export packing: Shipment arrange under without pallet loading for 20FCL.3/ Product quality :specifications:4/ Amount : USD 38,950.00 CIF Hai Phong Port,Vietnam.5/ Delivery : Shipment within 30-45 days upon receipt of first 50% TT payment by MEPCOM's representative banker.6/ Payment :: Balance 50% TT remittance 30 days after BL date. 50% deposit payment received for MEPCOM-16-01 @ WT30417UV , will transfer as first 50% payment for new payment contract MEPCOM-16-01 (R1) stated.The Seller warrant the Products are not brittle, broken, change color, tarnish over time within reasonable period of time, by the Buyer proper handling and processing condition for the Product said. The Seller will be responsible for compensation for all expenses barter due to goods of slow to give the Buyer if shipment depart from origin port over 45 calendar days after first payment received.Total 19,000 kgs USD 38,950.0001PAYMENT CONTRACT19,000NO. DESCRIPTION UNITAmount(USD)Unit Price (USD)QTY1 of 2 No. : MEPCOM-16-01 (R1)Date : 09-May-16PAYMENT CONTRACT* Partial shipment is not allowed.* Transshipment is allowed* Port of loading : any Malaysia port* Port of Discharge : CIF Hai Phong Port,Vietnam.* Irrevocable Documentary* Above terms & conditions applicable for Quotation No.000000396 (REV:1) only.* A full set of the following original documents in triplicate shall be sent directly to customer address for goods clearance :Original signed commercial InvoiceOriginal Insurance certificationOriginal Certificate of Original issued by Manufacturer Original Bill of Lading / Telex Release Bill of Lading 7/ Advising Bank : OCBC BANKTaman Molek, Johor Bahru47 & 49 Jalan Molek 1/29,Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru,Johor Darul Takzim, MalaysiaAccount No : 716-101983-5 (USD)SWIFT CODE : OCBCMYKLXXXPurpose : Purchase of Plastic Resin8/ Validity : 09-May-169/ Arbitration : Any disputes arising in connection with this contract that cannot get an amicable arrangement by both parties shall be Judged by International Arbitration in Malaysia. The decision of this Arbitration shall be final and valid, effective for both parties. The fees and charges of arbitration to be born by the losing party.10/ General Terms: Amendment and/or addition to this contract shall be valid only in written formwith duly signatures of both parties.This contract comes into effect from signing date and it is made in English.FOR / AND ON THE BEHALF OF THE SELLER FOR / AND ON THE BEHALF OF THE BUYERMepcom Polymer Sdn. Bhd. NHAT LINH CO., LTDName :Position : 2 of 2