English for Negotiating [Student's Book And MultiROM] by Oxford University Press Series Lưu

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English for Negotiating [Student's Book And MultiROM] by Oxford University Press Series. Engaging topics, motivating role-plays, and a variety of exercises provide a framework for each specialist subject

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EnglishforNegotiatingCharles Lafond . Sheila Vine ,Birgft WelchOXFORDIJNIVERSITY PRESS OX.FORDUNIVERSITY PRESSGreat Clarendon Street, Oxford oxz 6DPOt'ord University Press is a department ofthe Univenityof OfordIt furthen the University's objective ofexcellence in research, scholarship,and education by publishingworldwide inOxford NewYorkAuckland Cape Town Dar es Salaam Hong Kong KarachiKuala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico City NairobiNew Delhi Shanghai Taipei TorontoWith ofEces inArgentina Austria Brazil Chile Czech Republic France GreeceGuatemala Hungary Italy Japan Poland Portugal SingaporeSouthKorea Switzerland Thailand T\ukey lJkraine Vietnamoxrono and oxroRD BNGLISH are registered trade marks ofOxford University Press in the LJK and in certain other countriesO Oxford University Press zoroAdapted from lflglish for Negonofingby Charles Iafond, Sheila Vine,and Birgitwelch@ Cornelsen Verlag GmbH & Co. OHG, Berlin zoogThe moral rights ofthe author have been assertedDatabase right Oxford University Press (maker)First published zoro2074 2013 2Oa2 2oal 2OrO70987654327No unauthorized photocopylngAll rights resen ed. No part ofthis publication may be reproduced,stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by anymeans, without the prior permission in writing of Oxford UniversityPress, or as expressly permitted by law or under terms agteed with theappropriate reprographics rights organization. Enquiries concerningreproduction outside the scope ofthe above should be sent to the ELTRights Department, Oxford University Press, at the address aboveYou must not circulate this book in any other binding or coverand you must impose this same condition on any acquirerAnywebsites refened to in this publication are in the public domainand their addresses are provided by Oxford University Press forinformation only. Oxford University Press disclaims any responsibilityfor the contentrsBN: 978 o 19 4S79S1 3Printed in ChinaThis book is printed on paper from ceftified and well-managed sources,{.$**rACKN OWLEDGE M E NTSPrepared for OW by Starflsh Design E&torial ond Prqed MoBgefist LtdThe publisher w ould likt to lhank the Jonwing for tlwir lcitrd pem.Lsnot toreproduce photograpfu: Alamy Ltd. pp.12 (Executive discussion/@ RichardVdovjak), 27 (Inductio4o PhotoAlto), 30 (Corporate party/@ PhotoAlto),59 (Cinema/o Aardvark). OLIP pp.5 (Executives/Sigrid OlssonPhotoAlto),10 (Thoughful executive/Photodisc), 13 (Shaking hands/Photodisc), 14(Female executive/Aluma Images/Radius images), 18 (Canary Wharf,LondoniCorel), p.20 (Secretary/Stockbyte), p.22 (Business Introduction/Steve Befts), p.32 (Female executive/?hotodisc), 39 (Tense executive/Stockbyte), 40 (A negotiation/Digital Vision), 42a (female executive/3illCannon/Digital Vision), 42b (male exective/George Doyle/Stockbyte),42c (female executive/@ Sigrid olssonPhotoAlto), 49 (A negotiation/PhotoAlto), 50 (Pollution/?hotodisc), 52 (A meetingphotodisc), 57 (FrcnchMayorphotodisc), 58 (Female executive/Westend6l), 58 (male executive/stockbyte), 60 (A meeting/sigrid olssonphotoAlto), 51 (A meeting/Sigrid OlssonphotoAlto), 54 (ContractPhotodisc), 6s (A negotiation/Stockbyte).Cwcr photos courury of Getty Images (handsfhe Image Bank/BiggieProductions), (girl at table/Digital VisionfJIlIRA.F); OUP (meeting/PhotoAlto/Sigrid OIsson).IIhtsV otlms by : Stephen MaydiEngtl$ fotr ilqffing is accompanied byr l&ffiOtlwhlch has o number of features.lfflf|ctlw Grcillrri to pmcti$e u6sful phfssss, sabulary,and communlcation through your computGr,