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NOT NEGOTIABLE UNLESS CONSIGNED "TO ORDER"BILL OF LADINGHPHBUS100001FUJIKIN BAC NINH INCNO.14 STREET 8, VSIP PHU CHAN, TU SONBAC NINHTEL: 84-241-3765371FAX: 84-241-3765372TK-FUJIKIN CORPORATION7, NOKSANSANDAN 261-RO 88 BEON-GIL,SONGJEONG-DONG, GANGSEO-GU,BUSAN 618-818, KOREASAME AS CONSIGNEEHAIPHONG, VIETNAMBUSANBUSANValve bodys & Fitting2,100.003.77ShipperConsigneeNotify PartyPre-carriage byPlace of ReceiptVessel/Voyage No.Port of LoadingPort of DischargePlace of DeliveryContainer No../Seal No./Mark & No.Description of Goods & Pkgs.Gross Weight MeasurementBill of Lading No.6HEUNG-A XIAMEN V.0026NVINACUS CO., LTD84-4 3795058084-4 37950581KGS CBMTel : Fax :No. of Pkgs Or Shipping UnitsFUJIKIN INCORPORATEDBUSAN, KOREAMADE IN VIETNAMPALLET NOPLSJob No.SOB000044F/Agent Name & Ref.No. of Bills of LadingTHREE(3)CFS/CFSTotal Number of Containersor Packages(in words)PAYABLE AT : HANOIFreight Details, Charges etc:Place and Date of IssueSigned on behalf of the Carrier.FREIGHT PREPAIDAS ARRANGEDExcess Value Declaration: Refer to Clause 6(4)(B) + (C) on reverse sideByRECEIVED by the Carrier the Goods as specified above in appearent good order andcondition unless otherwise stated, to be transported to such place as agreed, authorisedor permitted herein and subject to all the terms and conditions appearing on the frontand reverse of the Bill of Lading to which the Merchant agrees by accepting this Bill ofLading, any local privileges and customs notwithstanding.The particulars given above as stated by the shipper and the weight, measure, quantity, conidtion, contents and value of the Goods are unknown to the Carrier.In WITNESS whenreof one (1) original Bill of Lading has been signed if not otherwise stated above, the same being accompished the other(s), if any, to be void, it required by the Carrier one (1) origninal Bill of Lading must be surrendered duty andorsed in exchange for the Goods or delivery order.ONBOARD DATE : 30-JAN-2016HANOI, 30-JAN-2016SURRENDERED