Mẫu vận đơn hàng không (Airway bill - AWB) - nhập khẩu từ Singapore Lưu

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Mẫu vận đơn hàng không (Airway bill - AWB) - nhập khẩu từ Singapore

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297 SIN 75423272 ALLIANCE 21 PTE LTD Shipper's Name and Address PANARON SDN BHD Shipper's Account Number Not Negotiable Air Waybill Air Waybill Number A21120882 NO 28, JALAN TANJUNG SD13/2, BANDAR, KUALA LUMPER, MALAYSIA Issued by Alliance 21 Pte Ltd. Consignee's Name and Address ANPHANAM INTER CO., LTD NO. 20 BO DE STR Copies 1, 2 and 3 of this Air Waybill are originals and have the same validity Consignee's Account Number It is agreed that the goods described are accepted in apparent good order and condition (except as noted) for carriage SUBJECT TO THE CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT ON THE REVERSE HEREOF. THE SHIPPER'S ATTENTION IS DRAWN TO THE NOTICE CONCERNING CARRIER'S LIMITATION OF LONG BIEN DISTR, HANOI, VIETNAM LIABILITY. Shipper may increase such limitation of liability by declaring a higher value for carriage and paying a suppiemental charge if required. Issuing Carrier's Agent Name and Address ALLIANCE 21 PTE LTD SINGAPORE BRANCH Accounting Information Agent's IATA Code Account No. FREIGHT COLLECT Airport of Departure(Addr. Of First Carrier) and Requested Routing SINGAPORE AIRPORT Reference Number Optional Shipping Information to By First Carrier Routing and Destination to by to by Currency CHGSC WT/VAL ode Other Declared Value for Carriage Declared Value for Customs PPD COLL PPD COLL TPE VN SGD CC X X N.V.D N.C.V Airport of Destination HANOI Handling Information Flight/date \ For Carrier Use Only / Flight date CI6856/13FEB CI791/14FEB Amount of Insurance X X X INSURANCE-If Carrier offers insurance, and such insurance is requested in accordance with the conditions thereof indicate amount to be insured in figures in box marked Amount of Insurance INFORM COSIGNEE IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL DOCUMENTS ATTACHED TO AIRWAYBILL. No.of Pieces RCP kg Gross Weight lb Rate Class Commodity Item No. Chargeble Weight Rate Charge Total Nature and Quantity of Goods (incl. Dimensions or Volume) 2 248.00 K Q 248.00 AS ARRANGED AS ARRANGED SET OF ACTUATOR INVOICE NO.: PI 10818 & PI 10920 DIM(CMS): 88x48x63/01 87x67x58/01 2 248.00 Prepaid AS ARRANGED Weight charge Collect Other Charges Valuation Charge Tax Total Other Charges Due Agent AS ARRANGED Total Other Charges Due Carrier Shipper certifies that the particulars on the face hereof are correct and that insofar as any part of the consignment contains dangerous goods, such part is properly described by name and is in proper condition for carriage by air according to the applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations. ALLIANCE 21 PTE LTD Total Prepaid AS ARRANGED Currency Conversion Rates Total Collect CC Charges in Dest. Currency 12-FEB-16 Signature of Shipper or his Agent SINGAPORE Executed on(Date) at (Place) Signature of Issuing Carrier or its Agent For Carrier's Use only at Destination Charges at Destination Total Collect Charges Air Waybill Number A21120882 ORIGINAL 3 (FOR SHIPPER)