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English for Logistics is an ideal short course for those who work in the logistics industry, and who need English to communicate when transporting, shipping, and storing goods.

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Gontentslntroductionto loglisticsSettingthe scenefobs in togisticsRegular activitiesLogistics acronymsProduct ranges3PL providersValue-added servicesInventory managementContinuous replenishmentJob advertisementsTransport and handting equipmentContainertypesTypes ofgoodsTransport optionsMeasurementsQuotationsMarkingsLoadingAdvice of shipmentShipping instructionsHandlingequipmentWarehouse areaslYareftousingtodayDocumenG in fureign tndelmport instructionsPayment methodsDescribing jobsTalking about regular activitiesSelling servicesExplaining online servicesThe passiveGiving and asking for opinionsMaking suggestionsAgreeingAdjectivesMaking comparisonsDescribing featuresMaking enquiries and requestsAdvising and offering alternativesNumbers, dimensions, and weightExplaining how to do somethingPrepositionsTatking about shipping problemsThe passive with modalsTatking about improvementsDescribing a processApotogizingby and untilHandling paymentsDeating with mistakesIIIIII202853*g69 lestyourseff!7t Partner Files73 Answe*key82 Transcripts88 Ueefulphrasesandvocahlary97 Glossary of acronyms and abireviations92 l-Zword list94 Weigms aBd meaaures qDnversion chart72 I *O"t* servicesInventorymanagcmentandprocurementModesaftransprtPlanninE!anda]langingtransportShippingl€loodsWarehousingand stofageDocumentationandfinance